The self-employment surge and how professionals can best prepare

From BinghamtonHomePage — “professionals are choosing self-employment in order to control the type of work assignments they pursue (67 percent), to have a greater sense of flexibility and work-life balance (64 percent), and to follow a passion (59 percent). ‘While they are young, millennials should be proactive in taking advantage of intrapreneurship and training opportunities, as…

Utah unemployment claimant was an employee despite independent contractor agreement

From CCH — another reminder that having an independent contractor agreement is not conclusive if the relationship of the parties is more like an employer/employee — “Despite having entered into an agreement titled “Independent Contractor Agreement (Co-op)” with the company to deliver auto parts to its customers, the claimant was not independently established in a trade,…

The Pitfalls of Freelancing


Pitfalls of freelancing

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The Rise of the Freelancer


rise of the freelancer


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Dangers of misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor highlighted once again in New York Appellate Court decision

From Lexology — “Catherin Nance provided photojournalistic services to the New York Post as an independent contractor. After the Post no longer needed her services, she sought unemployment insurance benefits from New York State arguing that the unemployment insurance law covered her because, in actuality, she performed services as an employee and not as independent contractor. The…