Independent Contracting: Policy and Management Analysis

NYC - Columbia University: Low Memorial Library

Columbia University (Photo credit: wallyg)

From Steven Cohen and William B. Eimicke, Professors of Professional Practice in
International and Public Affairs at Columbia University’s School of International
Affairs (SIPA) and their research team —

“This study provides an in-depth management and policy analysis of the independent contractor
model in the modern U.S. economy. We pay extensive attention to the complex issue of
misclassifying employees as contractors, a minor, but salient issue on the nation’s political and
regulatory agenda. The report is divided into three sections:

  • Part I discusses the independent contracting model and relevant issues of organizational management.
  • Part II analyzes most common types of independent contractors, varied across industries and varied by size and discusses the complex policy and legal environment that independent contractors operate under in the United States.
  • Part III concludes with a discussion of independent contracting’s place in the current and future U.S. economy amid recently heightened national scrutiny and includes a discussion of best practices for companies who engage with independent contractors….”

Read the full study at Independent Contracting:  Policy and Management Analysis

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