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Freelancing by the numbers

From the Chicago Tribune — the Chicago Tribute published an infographic about the recent trends in the number of freelancers.  It writes:

“A recent national survey found 34 percent of U.S. workers are freelancers. Social networking and the effects of the Great Recession have contributed to the shift away from traditional full-time work, especially for those younger than 35. Some experts say the Affordable Care Act will give the freelance economy a further bump with its access to benefits.


freelancing by the numbers


32% Said they have seen demand for their service increase in the past year.
38% Expect to work more hours in the future; 12 percent said fewer.
43% Expect their income to increase in the coming year.
77% Said they make the same or more money than they did before freelancing.
50% Said the lack of stable income is a barrier.
47% Said it was difficult finding work.
31% Said getting paid on time is a barrier to freelancing more.

Sources: Freelancers Union, Elance-oDesk/em>

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