Vermont Builders win independent contractor case

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  From VTDigger, a press release from Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont reports on a Vermont case in which the court said an LLC was not an individual and therefore not an employee.  The press release states: In a major victory for home builders and all of Vermont’s small businesses, on June 23rd…

Court eases rules about independent contractor status 

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  From the Stowe Reporter, Erin Mansfield reports on a decision by the Vermont Supreme Court that said an LLC did not have to have employees to be an independent contractor. Erin writes: A ruling by the Vermont Supreme Court has opened the door to more workers being considered independent contractors rather than employees. The…

Vermont high court decision on labor sparks legislative action 

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  From VTDigger, Erin Mansfield reports that the Vermont legislature is considering changes to the law classifying workers as independent contractors in part because of a Vermont Supreme Court decision.  Erin writes: The main disagreement between the court and the Department of Labor had to do with the so-called nature of the business test, which…

Vermont Builder Wins VT Supreme Court Independent Contractor Case 

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    VTDigger published a press release from the Home Builders & Remodelers Association announcing that the Vermont Supreme Court said a historic restoration expert was an independent contractor.  The press release states: WILLISTON, Vt., Feb 7 – In a victory for home builders and other small businesses Great Northern Construction, a member of the Home Builders…

Vermont Worker Misclassification Information Ad

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  The Vermont Department of Labor issued an ad to assist employers and workers on the importance of classifying workers correctly. Source: Worker Misclassification Information Ad | Vermont Department of Labor   Vermont’s Department of Labor had previously developed this public service announcement.  

Maneuver revives independent contractor bill in Vermont House 

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  From VTDigger, Erin Mansfield reports that the Vermont House revived the independent contractor bill after it was thought to be dead.  Erin writes: After nearly two months of procedural delays, the House is expected to discuss the controversial independent contractor bill Monday and could pass it as early as Tuesday. Lawmakers decided unanimously Thursday…

Vermont House Commerce to consider amendments to worker bill 

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  From VTDigger, Erin Mansfield provides an update on Vermont legislation that would change the definition of an independent contractor.  Erin writes: In its most recent form, H.867 would redefine what makes a person a self-employed independent contractor versus an employee who enjoys protection under Vermont’s labor laws. The most controversial part of the bill…

Independent contractor bill delayed again 

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    From VTDigger, Erin Mansfield reports that the Vermont legislature delayed voting on a bill that would change the definition of independent contractor in Vermont.  Erin writes: The House of Representatives has put off the floor vote on one controversial bill for the third time this month. The vote on H.867, a bill that…

Vermont Committee Hears Independent Contractor Bills 

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  Workcompcentral reports on legislation being considered by the Vermont legislature. Workcompcentral says: House Bill 773 by Rep. William Botzow, D-Bennington, would authorize state labor officials to inspect places of employment and question employees to investigate possible labor violations.  The bill would also require employers to hang posters at their place of business informing workers of…